Summer So Far!

Hey guys,

So far summer has been SUPER awesome…. see what I did there with the whole super thing, ya know like super hero?  Okay, okay I probably think I’m funnier than what you do!

I hope you guys are reading up a storm and making sure to log your books either on our website ( or using one of our handy, dandy reading logs (that you can pick up at the library!).  If you haven’t been participating in the Summer Reading Club, it is not too late!  You can keep signing up, picking up logs, tracking books, etc. until August 7th!  I mean come on, you get free awesome prizes and coupons AND you get to come to Super Hero Training Camp (Saturday, August 8th)!

We’ve done some pretty cool stuff so far like have Office Kelli Hunt with TCPD come talk to us and let us sit in her police car, The Pipdillys came and sang us some awesome songs, Mark Shelton showed us some super cool percussion instruments, and that’s just a few of the things we’ve done and we have so much more to come!  Next Wednesday at 2, Brett Roberts will be here to teach us about Heroes Around the World and The Pipdillys will be back on next Thursday at 7 for our Family Fun Night!

060 112

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful summer and will stop in to see us soon! 🙂

Miss Kansas


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