This Week in Story Time – Monsters

Story Time 04-04-14 003 Glad Monster Monster Spots

I just got back into the office this week and man did I miss Story Time! Here is what we did today:

Glad-Monster-Sad-Monster- MonsterBeGood_CVR

Signing Song: I’m a Monster

(Tune: Frere Jacque)


I say boo! I say boo!

Children find me SCARY, Children find me SCARY

How about YOU? How about YOU?


Fingerplay:  This Little Monster

This little monster went to the market

This little monster stayed home

This little monster had roast beef

This little monster had none

And this little monster cried “BOO”

Because it was so much fun!


Local Author: Paul Lowrey

BoBo Faces the Monster

He read his book, BoBo Faces the Monster.

What fun! I hope to see you next week.

~Miss Amanda.



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